Wednesday Feb 9th

Most hikers arrive to prepare properly for the adventure. Participants can pitch their tent for free in FriluftsByn and if you are not an experienced winter camper we strongly recomend this for Wedensday-Thursday night just to make sure you have everyhting you need.
15:00: Access to cabins.
16:00 – 22:00: Restaurant Vardagsrummet is open with food and drinks for purchase.
18:00 – 21:00: Check-in. Pick up your food, gas and a map.

Thursday Feb 10th

The activeties start on Thursday at 9:00. You should have checked in by now but if you haven’t you could also do a late check-in between 11:00 – 11:30. The busses to the start leave at 12:30. If you have participated befor and feel you have a good understanding of the map and outdoor life in the winter there is a window to go to Fjällrävenn Outlet on Thursday morning. The store is 30 minutes by car from FriluftsByn and opens at 10:00.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that your backpack i packed and ready and that you have check out of your cabin before the Introduction to Outdoor seminar starts on Thursday. If you’re thinking you might pick up your snowshoes, eat lunch, pack your bag and clean out your cabin beforee busses leave at 12:30 that will be a tight sqeeze. Get a great start to the adventure by packing the night before or atleast before 9:00 on Thursday.

07:30 – 09:00: Breakfast in Vardagsrummet (120 sek)
08:00 – 09:00: Check-in, pick up food, gas and your map.
09:00 – 11:30: Introduction to Outdoor life in the Winter and a runthrough of the adventure.
11:30 –  12:30: Lunch in Vardagsrummet (included)
11:30 – 12:00: Late check-in
11:30 – 12:30: Pick up snowshoes
12:30: Buses to the Start.
13:00: Hiking towards Camp Tärnättvattnet.
17:00 & 20:00: Course with Naturkompaniet “Camp life in the winter”

Friday Feb 11th

We wake up at Camp Tärnättvattnet and today we’ll head further up the mountain.
07:00 – 09:00: Wake up, freeze dried breakfast (better than it sounds)
09:00 – 10:00: You can start the hike at 9:00 the earliest but definitely before 10:00 to have a great day. Our guides will help you to keep track of time.
You eat lunch whenever you feel like it. Many who hike the Pleasure route usually eat on top of Slåttdalsberget, and those who hike the Classic route usually pick Stampberget.
12:00 – 16:00: Meet Gränsfors Bruk at Skrattabbortjärn, (only Classic route)
18:00 – 19:00: Barbecue at Camp Kälsviken
19:00 – 20:00: Woolpower Dip, winter bathing for anyone who wants.

Saturday Feb 12th

Saturday we wake up at Camp Kälsviken and head up to Mt Skuleberget. Today all hiker hike the same 10km  route.
07:00 – 09:00: Wake up, freeze dried breakfast (better than it sounds)
09:00 – 10:00: Check-out from Night camp Kälsviken and start walking up Mt Skuleberget. To reach the top in good time we recomend that you start at 9:00 but definetly 10:00 the latest. For lunch you’llhave freeze dried food and we recomend you est it right before the climb up Mt Skuleberget.
12:00 – 15:00: Finish line at the top of Mt Skulebergets!
16:00 – 18:00: Shower in FriluftsByn.
16:00 – 23:00: After-Hike in Restaurant Vardagsrummet in FriluftsByn.
fr. 18:00: Live band.
21:00: Movie premier, we get to watch the un-cut version of the video material from the adventure. This movie is only shown at the After-Hike.

Sunday Feb 13th

08:00 – 10:00: Breakfast in Restaurant Vardagsrummet in FriluftsByns (120 sek)
12:00: Check-out from your cabin.
Top Cabin open 11:30 – 15:00
Fjällräven Outlet open 11:00 – 16:00


Where can I park if I arrive by car?
You can leave your car in the parking lot that you see on your right hand side just before the FriluftsByn building. This fee is 50 sek for the entire weekend. You purchase your ticket in Vardagsrummet and leave it in the front car window.

Can I leave my luggage in FriluftsByn during the adventure?
Yes, you can leave a marked bag in FriluftsByn for 50 sek / bag.


What’s included in the adventure?
All food from lunch on Thursday to lunch on Saturday is included. You will get two freeze dried breakfasts and three freeze dried meals (for dinner thursday and lunch both Friday and Saturday) Freeze dried meals are cooked by adding boiling water that you get by boiling snow on your outdoor stove. Lunch on Thursday is a cooked meal in FriluftsByn before heading out on the adventure, and on Friday evening we arrange a barbecue at Camp Kälsviken. We use freeze dried food since we hike in parts of the park which is not possible to deliver large amount of food to. You fill out if you have any allergies or preferences for food when you register for the event. 

What should I bring myself?
Coffee, tea, snacks and candy is a popular choice. Fluid replacement pills is also something we strongly recomend that you bring. Some also bring an alcoholic beverage or spicy salami for something to snack on by the bonfire in the evening. Another tip is to bring some spice or parmesan cheese to spice up the freeze dried food a little bit.


Are there toilets?
There are outhouses in Skuleskogens National park and these are marked out on the map you’ll get at check-in. There are toilets at the night camps. Bring your own toilet paper just to be sure.

Do you hike by yourself?
We head out together but the national park is large and the group usually spread out pretty fast after just a few kilometers. You chose if you want to hike alone or toghether with others. We are about 200 hikers and about half hike the Classic-rout and the other half the Pleasure-route. We have guides in the front, in the middle and in the back so if anything happens you can always get a hold of them for help.

Is it easy to find?
You hike along marked trails and you get a map with theroute marked out when you check in. You’ll meet guides throught the hike that can help you with any questions you might have. But for most part of the hike you will be on your own or with your friends. You need to keep track of where you are on the map, but you do not need to use a compass. Just lookng at the signage in the park should be enough. Since our very first hike in 2014 very few participants have gotten off the path and if they have they quickly found their way back through the signage in the park..

Will I have phone reception?
You will have reception throughout most of the adventure. Be prepared that your phone battery won’t last however so make sure you bring a power bank. There are no outlets in the park.

Are there water?
There might be running water in the streams throughout the park. If not we boil water by melting snow. We will go over this on the seminar on Thursday morning “Introduction to Outdoor life in the winter” before heading out. 


What do you mean by check-in and check-out at the Night Camps?
For your safety we have guides in the front, in the middle and in the back throughout the hike. That way we can certify that everyone who follows the signage in the park and the maped out trail makes it safely to the night camps. To be certain that everyone made it to the night camp we need everyone to check-in when they arrive. You check-in with the guides that wait for you in the camp. If you for some reason enter the night camp any other way thenmarked on the map it is very important that you find the check-in guides. Otherwise we will set out to find you. When you leave the camp in the morning you also check-out with our guides between 09:00 and 10:00. You cannot check out earlier as our guides need to be there to cross you off their list. To be able to hike in a pleasent pace you need to leave at 10:00 the very latest. 

How do I know where to pitch my tent?
You chose your camping spot yourself. If you know that you are a bit sensitive to noice to get a good nights sleep you might want to stay a bit away from the camp fire since some hikers tend to stay up a little later around the fire.

Can someone help me to pitch my tent?
For your own and your guides safety you should know how to pitch your tent by yourself. You can of course always ask other hikers for help, but you need to know how to do it yourself.On Thursday evening at Camp Tärnättvattnet, both at 17:00 and at 20:00, Naturkompaniet will have a course in how to get the best nights sleep when winter camping.

Where do I leave the trash?
You bring all your trash back to FriluftsByn. Do not leave any trash in the park.

Are there toilets?
Yes, there are toilets at the night camps.




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